воскресенье, 31 марта 2013 г.

Oh, that pretty socks!

A great thing we MUST try this spring is wearing socks in a visible manner. Funny and easy way to add an outstanding detail in the outfit... or look unusual without spending money. Wear bright, patterned or neutral socks with different kind of shoes: from flats to platform. Do you wonder how? Get inspired!
And don't forget to send me the link with your favourite look in socks.
Весна - время экспериментов. А уже вы пробовали носить яркие, узорчатые или нейтральные носочки в сочетании с босоножками, туфлями на каблуке, лоуферами или балетками? Вдохновение  в подборке!

12 years old but terribly stylish, oh, my youth, come back

Life is too short to spend time matching socks

So many things i love about this photo: color, pythone and boyfrien's jeans

Neutral color socks, blue sandals
Lace socks and 60's inspired costume in grey color

Making classic smart casual look for a big city
With a tennis skirt, sneakers and a cake
With a patterned girly dress and wooden platformed shoes
Grandmother's over a knee grey socks with bright pink shoes and a cocktail dress
Transparent black over a knee socks with mini skirt and flats

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