четверг, 21 марта 2013 г.

Stewardess hat!

As far as i don't collect my looks anywhere exactly (and as i'm dressing up i often made a picture for my grand children), i decided to show you my collection of outfits here, under the tag "my outfit".

Here is my outfit #1 from the winter times.
It's all about that charming salad-green stewardess hat i've bought in the airport in Moscow. Yeah (i know what you're thinking!) this stewardess is a bit slutty, but you can always wash off the red lipstick and add non-transparent tights to hide your nudity from passangers...
John Douglas avaition wear green hat
Blouse from Mexx with my mother's golden earrings on the collar
 Skirt by H&M (very old)
Carlo Pazolini sandals
Bobby Brown's lipstick, shade "Burnt red".

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