понедельник, 1 апреля 2013 г.

Under this weather!

Now we have the worst spring weather in the history of Russia. Cold wet mass under the feet and falling from the sky. Under this weather my favourite pastels look too decadant. Oh how much i wish it was sunny.!
Anyhow the mood is normal, i have too much things inside my head and all of them are really big. I collect the thoughts in 3 different note-pads and i hope soon i will start realization of all my fantasies.
And for today - rainbow colours in Photoshop and my Opening ceremony inspired look.


Penny Black dark blue rubber boots
Mexx faux leather bag
Maxi dress by Mango
Cream pink reversable belt by Uniqlo
Edinburgh hoodie from the streets of Scotland from my trip to UK
Flower brooche
Military parka stolen from dad.

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