среда, 1 мая 2013 г.

How to style statement necklaces?

I've recently bought 3 necklaces in Asos. Now I'm thinking how to style that uplanned statement buys. Here are my variants.What do you think?
First necklace is very bohemian with a little ethnical feel in its design. I wanna pair it with rock'n'roll casuals in muted colours, emphasis the golden part of it with orange accents in details and make up... or in Rihanna inspired look with luxury details integrated into hip-hop style. 

The second necklace i couldn't pass by is a tender rose one formed in geometric pieces with crystal "waterfall" in the front.
It seemed to me too obvious to wear it with feminine dresses like in the pic above. So I'm gonna style it with bold "Wildfox-alike" outfits:  cropped tops with letters on them, high-waist short skirts or shorts.... or integrate the necklace into big city summer outfits with country feel (floral patterned skirt, denim vest, a hat) for days off with girlfriends.

And the last necklace is a bronse one - sophisticated and arty. I will wear it with everything! But most likely in Carrie bradshaw inspired mix-n-match sets...or I will add this necklace to the provocative and a bit insane looks to make them seem a bit more expensive and bohemian with the golden glow of that accessorie. 

 What of three necklaces do you like the most?

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