пятница, 24 мая 2013 г.

Night of museums in Bcn.

Sorry for such a long period of silence, hens! I've just returned from lovely spring holidays in Barcelona with my best friends and my beloved colombian novio.Frankly speaking I'm not very happy about being back on my motherland, althought it greeted me early in the morning with almos tropical rain and really hot weather during the day. I keep faith to see my love again as soon as possible.

And now i want to tell you a little bit about the Night of Museums we take part in back then, in Barcelona.
During the night we were able to move our lazy asses and visit just one museum - MEAM - European museum of modern art, which that night turned into museum of sculpture made by artist of Cataluña.
The thing  that completely deformed our ortodox minds was... that people are permitted to drink and touch art during the Museum night. And also we was happy to learn that citizens of Barcelona are ready to make party out of anything!
 After observing stone sad ladies in MEAM my own stoned sad ladies and I went to our favourite place to get drunk and get a plate of pinchos for 20 EUR. Here are we!! A little bit more happy (but not too much). How was Night of the Museums in your city?

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