воскресенье, 9 июня 2013 г.

Amazing russian flea market.

This weekend Toma and me visited our local flea market. With the summer it has increased its size twice! 

Yeah, right here. Along the railways. We're the harsh nation.
If you ever visit Moscow you MUST visit one of the places of that type, 'cause this is amazing way to know real Russia and to buy the best vintage souvenirs from ex-USSR.  A lot of kitch and beautiful objects from 50's till the year 2000. On the flea market you can find books, postcards, coins, clothes, vinyl, film cameras, loadz of sunglasses and many, many, many things more. 

 There, for example, i usually buy sunglasses. The prices will be surprisingly low. For example, these sunnies i've bought for my boyfriend costed 3 euros. It's a pity I can't clone those sunnies and left one for myself, look how they suit me HERE.
 And another object i couldn't pass by during my latest visit to the flea market - metallic cigarette case with erotical card on the cover. Just lovely! Will also become a present for my man...or i will keep for myself and will keep there .. I will think of what it could be! Some ideas?

And here is a little video we ve made with my friend last winter about our precious place of power - suburban flea market somewhere in Russia. Check it out if you have time, you won't regret!

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