среда, 12 июня 2013 г.

Kitty on a hot tin roof.

Hey dudes!I know in these outfit  posts nobody cares about text,  so i can confess about anything and nobody will care. I will confess. Now i feel a bit desperate, i have noticed: with every new year i start to feel fewer experiences. In emotional way i think i've made and felt it all. The whole  pallet. From stupid desidions with bad aftermath, through artificial euphoria sponsored by colombians, to thoughtful minutes in total harmony with both universe and the inner me. Sometimes i am so full of feelings.But i think they are all old now. I know i need to start a search for new things. But how to searcch when i'm sure i've seen it all? 

I want to ask you. Where are you usually search and find good mood, inspirations and sensations? 
What has inspired you the most lately?
А это мой котик. This is my cat - Messy.
Yeah, and these photos has absolutely nothing common with my text above. Perhaps just my gloomy face.

I'm wearing:
Orange cotton skirt - Uniqlo
T-shirt - Uniqlo
Black jacket - System Action
Shoes - Keds (present from my boyfriend)
Bag - Mexx
Kitty eye sunglasses - Asos
Socks - Accessories
Braceletts of natural stones - no name.

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